Tenute del Garda is located in Valtenesi, on the beautiful western shore of Lake Garda.

Our winery was founded a few years ago due to a great desire to cultivate and enhance our magnificent territory and its precious resources. Our purpose is to produce wine from the grapes grown on our land, cultivated with care and attention; we pay close attention to every detail in the growth of the vines and grapes, in order to create something truly unique and unmistakable.

Our vineyards are located in Barcuzzi and Campagnoli (near Lonato del Garda).

The age of the old grape vines cultivated with the experience and care of senior wine makers, combined with the methods and cutting edge ideas of youthful ambition, has allowed us to obtain excellent wines. With Tenute del Garda the old and the new, tradition and modernity go hand in hand: the substantive experience of the older generation vine growers and the enthusiasm of their young disciples ensures that we are constantly striving for the best. On behalf of everyone at Tenute del Garda, a toast to you the reader, thank you for taking the time to get to know us.