Luca Martini


Born in 1980 in Arezzo, I started my career at the Institute Pellegrino Artusi in Chianciano. From there I went on to work in different places in Leicester, at the Café Restaurant Nicolay – Caviar Hous of London; then, still in the capital at the City Rhodes (the Michelin Star restaurant of Gary Rhodes) – always as head sommelier. These experiences finally opened the doors to the sanctuary of wine in London – the Boodle’s – where I was head sommelier and thus in charge of a wine cellar of more than 55.000 bottles.

I travelled around the world to learn languages, cultures, wines and philosophies in such diverse places as Australia, Quebec, France and Germany. But I always also find my way back home to Tuscany where in our family owned restaurant – the Osteria da Giovanna – my parents and my grandmother prepare traditional food with great care and were I learned the foundations for what became my career.

The fact of speaking different languages and of having different approaches to and perspectives on the world really changed my life, personally and professionally.“

Here some of my achievements as Sommelier:

  • 2007: Best Sommelier Tuscany
  • 2008: Second Sommelier Italy
  • 2009: Best Sommelier Italy
  • 2013: World Best Sommelier (WSA-AIS)