Andrea Lorenzi


Born in 1985 in Brescia, head-salesman of „Tenute del Garda“.

I grew up close to the Garda Lake, into a family with both agricultural and commercial background. Already as a child I was fascinated by wine making as I accompanied my father Antonio and my grandfather Domenico into our wine yard.

After my high school diploma 2004 on the science branch, I went on to study law at Parma University.

My first professional occupation was with the automotive sector where i was surrounded by experienced salesmen who taught me a lot, both on a professional and on a personal level.

Over the years, I perfected my German and my English speaking skills following courses both in Germany and in the United States (Miami).

In September 2012, I joined the large „Tenute del Garda“ family, where I can bring together my passion for wine and my experience in marketing and communication to spread the word of our wines in Italy and the rest of the world.

Stimulated that way, I followed the ONAV course to expand my knowledge for wine and obtained the diploma in May 2014.

My work has allowed my to travel Italy and the world, never forgetting the importance of bringing together tradition and the market’s requirement for innovation.

It is my goal to follow in the footsteps of continuity to assure that „Tenute del Garda“ will remain synonymous with excellency, a fruit of this enchanting lands.